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The Kayla Itsines ‘Bikini Body Guide’: My Experience

Hi Everyone!

So my first blog post is going to be my honest experience of taking part in the infamous ‘Bikini Body’ workout guide by Kayla Itsines.

If you don’t know who Kayla is, then stop right now and Google her. She has over 4.5 million instagram followers and has created a community of ‘fitness fanatics’ worldwide, AKA #BBGcommunity. Her instagram speaks for itself for the results this plan has given women (and men) worldwide.

Now I’m going to be honest. I knew before I started this plan I was never ‘out of shape’. But I wanted to feel better within myself on the outside and inside. So I bought her plan, based on looking at the results it has given to thousands of amazing people worldwide.


The plan is only 12 weeks long and split into weeks 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12. It sounds easy as I’m typing this, but let me tell you, it is a lot more difficult than it seems! Lack of motivation being the main offender!

For those people who trudge on treadmills for an hour and don’t see the results they aspire to or get bored easily then this plan is for you.

If you are someone who has a basic knowledge of different exercises but are not sure about how many sets or repetitions, then, you guessed it… this plan is for you!

Each workout is under 30 minutes long making it easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. You don’t even need a gym membership in order to complete it! It is catered for busy lifestyle individuals, such as full time workers to full time mothers. Everyone and anyone can do it… that is what makes it so successful!

As I already had a good base of fitness before starting the plan, I made the workouts more difficult i.e., adding weights to certain exercises. Therefore, this plan is suitable for complete beginners, to people who are extremely fit!

Before starting this workout guide, I would easily get bored in the gym, by repeating endless workouts that were giving no results.

Kayla’s workout guides are not repetitive, but challenging both physically and mentally. Getting bored is not an option.

The results?

After completing the 12-week plan, I noticed results both physically and mentally. The physical result speaks for itself, but photos cannot explain the psychological effects.

  • Confidence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Motivation
  • Self-belief

The feeling after finishing each workout is both exhilarating and thankful that it is over! Seriously, ‘Week 1 Legs and Cardio’ is an absolute killer (prepare not be able to walk for a few days!

Overall, I cannot recommend this workout plan enough. As summer is on its way, and if you are not getting the results you want, I would not hesitate to do this guide. Seriously worth every penny!

Lots of Love,

Lyds x



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