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The ‘Top-Secret’ Diet?

So I’m writing this, as it is something I’m very passionate about, plus it’s a way to vent out my anger towards the fad of dieting. Sorry to say, but there is no ‘secret’ diet. I don’t believe in dieting full stop. The key to losing weight and leading a happy, healthy life is simple. Exercise more and reduce your calories. No juicing. No detox teas. No cutting out carbs. These are not sustainable and most of all, not healthy.

Too many people are obsessed with calorie counting and quick fixes, which don’t work. Why deprive your body of things you enjoy, to the extreme which leads to missing out on social events where you fear you’ll break your diet and subsequently binge eat?! This is not the way you should live your life. You are allowed to have that doughnut. You are allowed to eat that pizza. It is about balance and this is something so many people disregard. This subsequently leads to spending money on ‘quick fixes’, such as juicing and living off shakes. Of course you are going to lose weight doing this. You’re not eating. The results are not sustainable, and you’ll once again go back to the rut of eating unhealthily and consequently feeling bad about yourself.


I hear it all so often, “I can’t, I’m on a diet” or, “I’ll start my diet on Monday”.

The word ‘diet’ should be banned.

When people are on these ‘diets’, they think they shouldn’t eat anything bad. They force themselves into eating healthy foods, which they don’t enjoy, and will then subsequently binge eat. Saying you are on a diet creates a psychological effect into thinking you are allowed no treats, and if you have a little slip then you have failed. This is wrong.

Balance is key.


^^^The largest burrito EVER (yes, I did eat it all) ^^^

For me, treating myself to a pizza or some chocolate keeps me sane. I love chocolate just as much as everyone else. Eating healthy should be a change of lifestyle you want to enjoy. It shouldn’t be full of dread and fear of temptation. There are so many healthy alternatives but people choose to ignore them. Some alternatives are so simple. Choose wholegrain rice over white rice. Choose nuts over a sugary snack. Eat more fruit and vegetables. These are all obvious, yet massively ignored and discarded as many people see them as ‘boring’.


Depriving yourself of certain foods only makes you want them more! I know the feeling all too well. I remember trying to cut out carbs and found myself feeling sluggish and craving sugary foods more than usual. I don’t restrict myself with what I eat. Overall, I make healthier choices, but I allow myself a treat every so often (actually, almost every day!)

Personally, if I know I’m going to have a big weekend of eating and drinking, I make sure I work extra hard at the gym and make healthier choices throughout the week leading up to the event. This way I don’t feel guilty. I enjoy myself and eat and drink what I want. I then get back on it at the gym the day after. I’m currently sat here typing this after a big weekend of eating and drinking what I want (guilt free) and ready to hit the gym tomorrow morning before work. For some people, this may sound extremely unappealing, waking up at ungodly hours to work out before work. But for me it is normality and something I have come to enjoy!


So all in all, allow yourself to have that slice of cake you’ve been eyeing up. It’s not going to ruin what you have worked hard at the rest of the time! Just like eating a healthy salad isn’t going to give you an instant 6-pack. Work hard and eat well 80% of the time, and treat yourself the other 20%. It is about balance. Eventually, the healthy lifestyle will become a natural way of life.

What are your thoughts on the topic?




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