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BBG 2.0 – My first 4 weeks

So, my first ever blog post was my review of the BBG 1.0. I loved it. So instead of repeating the whole guide again, I started the second. And honestly, it’s da bomb.


So… first things first. Do I like BBG 2.0?

I have just finished week 17, and so far, so good! I love the fact there are more weighted exercises within the programme, as well as personal challenges along the way. For example, the dreaded 1,000 rep challenge (you read that right, 1,000!!) That was a killer! But, personally, I love the fact you can be in competition with yourself and see how you have progressed since doing it the first time round. I’m due to repeat this challenge again… wish me luck! #deathbyKayla

Now you’re probably thinking, what’s the difference between BBG1 and 2?

I could tell immediately there was a difference between the two. The weights are increased; there are more weighted static movements as well as modifications to the moves in BBG 1. For example, weighted burpees and double pulse jump squats. These burnnnn like crazy. You’d think that after 12 weeks of BBG 1 that I’d find BBG 2 fairly easy to get on with (well that’s what I thought). Oh how I was wrong. I’m still sweating and collapsing at the end of each workout! Things don’t get easier, even if you get fitter!

However, the layout of the programme is still exactly the same with 2 circuits, 7 minutes each. And this is what I love about both BBG1 and BBG 2. How you can be done in half an hour, and know you have worked your ass off and not been defeated!


Do I see myself finishing this guide?

Simple answer to this… Yes. I can tell my body is making changes and becoming leaner, so why stop? Plus, I hate starting things and not finishing them off! As I said in my first review, it is both physically and mentally challenging, but a challenge, which has brought out my passion and love for fitness!

I’ll keep you updated in 4 weeks, and let you know how I’m getting on. It’s not easy, but honestly, I LOVE it! I’d definitely give it a go if you haven’t already!

What are your thoughts on the BBG guides?

Have you started BBG 2 yet?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!


Lyds x


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