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5 things I’ve learnt from doing BBG

1. ALWAYS foam roll & stretch

I’ll be honest here. When I first started doing BBG, I didn’t really stretch a lot after each session and I never foam rolled. To be honest, I didn’t really know what foam rolling was and the benefits it gives. So as a result, I was always stiff and my muscles always ached. I remember thinking how can people do these circuits week on week without getting injured or doing the movements and not being in pain?!

So I finally devoted time to PROPER stretching and foam rolling after each session. Honestly, I noticed the difference immediately. Usually, after leg day I would be struggling for days after, resulting in poor performance for the other sessions in the week. But now, (yes, I do still feel a bit stiff and sore the day after), but my body feels so much better for it! I have a lot more movement and flexibility, and it means I’m no longer struggling throughout the rest of the week. Result.

So my message here is simple. ALWAYS FOAM ROLL AND STRETCH. Even if it’s just 15 minutes after each session. Trust me, it’s worth it!

2. Commitment

You may not know this but I started and stopped BBG a fair few number of times before I stuck to completely. At first, I just couldn’t fit it in with my work-life balance (or found a way not to). I used to go to the gym straight from work, when let’s be honest, you just want to get home and relax after a long day. Plus, my gym is always super busy at this time, so finding my own space and equipment to use was extremely difficult. So all I ended up doing was a bit of cardio and leaving as soon as possible. I knew this wasn’t going to give me results I wanted, but I couldn’t see a way round it.

So after a few attempts (and always failing), I decided enough is enough and I need to commit to this. This is when my early morning sessions before work kicked in. That’s right, early mornings (ew). But with the gym being so busy in the evenings, I thought there won’t be as many nutters in the gym at 6.30am. And I was right. It’s a lot quieter and I can get on with the sessions easily! Fortunately enough now, I love getting up in the morning and blasting out my gym session before work. It sets me up for the day ahead and makes my commitment to BBG a lot easier. It means I have my evenings free to chill. Don’t get me wrong, I know this won’t work for everyone but I find getting my workouts done first thing makes it a lot easier to commit to the programme and I don’t risk skipping sessions because the gym is too busy or because I can’t be bothered after work. Try it and let me know!


3. Listen to your body

Now this is important. Sometimes if you feel a bit run down and your body is telling you to rest… rest! I used to be under the impression that if I didn’t go the gym and had a rest day (or two), then basically I was failing.

Your body will benefit from having a rest. You’ll come back fitter, stronger and in the right mind-set. It’s important to take a break if you feel like you need to. Don’t worry… your body will thank you for it later!

4. Progress is Individual

With the massive growth of social media, and the impact it can have on body confidence, it makes it a lot easier to compare yourself to others. I’m sure we’ve all been there; social media stalking to the point where we start to feel uncomfortable with our own bodies and think to ourselves ‘why can’t I look like that’ or, ‘why isn’t my tummy that flat?’

We need to remember that we all have different bodies and we are all going to react differently to workouts. Comparing ourselves to others is not going to help if you are feeling down about your progress. Learn to love your body. After all, confidence and happiness is all that matters at the end of the day.


5. Importance of progress photos

Now that last point moves me onto this. If you are feeling down about your progression, or in gym rut, take a look back to the beginning and see how far you’ve come. This will certainly make you feel better and is a great motivation booster! This doesn’t mean you are under pressure to share them to social media either. As long as you know you are heading in the right direction, that’s all that matters!

Ignore the scales! Seeing physical changes in your body via photographs is a lot more beneficial and encouraging than numbers on a scale. You could have lost a lot of body fat and gained a lot more muscle, yet the number on the scales won’t have changed, or gone up, even! In the wise words of Joe Wicks, scales are the ‘sad step’. Progression photos are the best way to see improvements!


Let me know what you think!

What have you learnt from doing #BBG?

Lyds x


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