Clumber Park Food and Drink Festival

I am a massive foodie. So when I heard about the Food and Drink Festival at Clumber Park, (only a 15 minute drive away) I knew I had to go. Obviously, anything that involves food, I will be there. I’d heard about this event from previous years, but for some reason I have never been! So when I first saw the advertisement (a few months back now), I told my boyfriend we had to go…


To be honest, at ticket prices for only £6 I wasn’t sure what to expect. So when we arrived yesterday morning, we were pleasantly surprised! Firstly, it was a lot bigger than we expected. There was a massive range of food to choose from. We were really spoilt for choice. We walked round all the Street Food tents, ranging from classic Fish and Chips to Crispy Duck wraps (very nice, btw) to Jamaican style food (also, a personal favourite of ours!). The food smelt so good, so we were obviously walking round with massive smiles on our faces and our stomachs slowly beginning to rumble from the fumes of fresh flavours from around the world!

As well as the wide range of food, there were food demonstrations going on throughout the day, along with stalls selling cooking utensils to jewellery and live music from the very talented John Adams who somehow added “music umami” as an enveloping ingredient to this melting pot of eclectic foodieness. He was incredible.

The best part for me was the Food and Drink Marquee. And with my sweet tooth, I was on the hunt for one thing only… cake! And honestly, this tent literally was my idea of heaven! There was a huge gathering of amazing, quality retailers – many of which were local businesses, but all of them offered top quality, award-winning products. I could easily have spent hundreds of pounds in here (oh, the dream).



The cake stands did not disappoint. I stood open mouthed, eyes glistening and my brain ticking, feeling overwhelmed and excited at what to buy! Looking back, and after looking through some of my pictures, I wish I’d bought more! Greedy, I know! But seriously… check out these pictures and you’ll understand!

With me being me and my love and obsession for granola, I was over the moon to find a mini stand selling paleo granola. Not too sure what that means, but granola is granola, so I obviously sampled these, and they did not disappoint! Two boxes for me, please! Result!

The atmosphere was great. Everyone was happy to be there and there was a real sense of buzz and excitement in the air. Plus, lots of the stalls offered free tasters, which we certainly took advantage of!


So from locally produced breads and cheeses, to the irresistible and tempting cakes and sweet treats, tantalising gin to smooth craft ales – it is everyone’s dream! A classic red double-decker bus used as a bar, a cute caravan selling freshly made cakes, haystacks to sit on (surprisingly comfy) and towers of handmade fudge, the place had it all!




All I can say is… Lydia will be back (with more cash, obviously).

I’m searching for more food festivals to go to next year so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


I’m now going to move away from the laptop, and head towards the slab of cake that is waiting in the cupboard with my name on it… be rude not to, right?


Lyds x


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