Get to know me…

I’ve been blogging for a few months now, and I’ve just realised I haven’t done a ‘Get to Know Me’ post… how rude of me! So here’s a short Q&A post to get to know me a little better!

Back to Basics:

Full Name – Lydia Hannah Pace

Nicknames – Lyd / Lyds / Lydie / Lyd-Pot (embarrassing)

Age – 24

Location – Small town in Nottinghamshire… with the dream to live in Brighton!

Favourite Food – Burgers, granola, cake, oats, Mexican food, all breakfast food… I could go on and on and on with this. I love food. Let’s leave it at that.


My most current favourite is ‘Stranger Things’… roll on next season!

Perfect Date – going out for brunch (I NEED to do this more), followed by shopping, exploring, having a few cocktails and maybe stopping at a cute café with homemade cakes and treats!

OR… a night in with a movie, Dominoes pizza and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream… perfect.

(Obviously they revolve around food!)

Style IconLydia Elise Millen. I love how she incorporates high-street fashion with designer pieces to finish an outfit off. Whenever she does a YouTube shopping haul, I am right on it! Plus, she’s a babe!

Now let’s delve a little deeper…

Why did I start this blog?

I’ve been reading blogs for years now and I’d wanted to start one for ages (seriously, too long), but I’d never had the confidence to start! Silly, I know. After following ‘The Girl Gains’ over the past year and the message they spread about confidence and being happy with who we are, I finally took the plunge! I love the fact you can connect with people with similar interests and how you can constantly learn about anything and everything you want!

Short-Term Goals

Blog regularly and consistently. Currently trying one a week and so far so good! I also need to connect more with other bloggers… does anyone know of any good blogger chats on Twitter? If so, let me know!

Long-Term Goals

I would LOVE to work with companies or communities I look up to and admire from the fitness/fashion industry… the dream!

My Inspiration

My biggest inspiration is Zanna van Dijk. What she does, and the message she spreads is incredible and she is total goals. She seems the most genuine, funny, hard-working and strong-minded person and with all that she has achieved amazes me! I have followed her journey over the last 2 years and I am in total awe of her. She is 100% my inspiration and if you haven’t heard of her (which I’m sure you have), go check her out!

She is the co-founder of the Girl Gains and by following this movement over the past 6 months has made me much more confident and proud of who I am and what I am achieving. I seriously need to get to one of these events and meet all the girls and everyone else who follows this awesome movement! #girlgains #goals

So that’s me! If you have any other questions you want to ask, feel free to pop them in the comments below… I’ll be sure to answer them!


Lyds x


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