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BBG 2 – An Update!

I last gave an update about 5 weeks ago?! I was meant to give one a few weeks ago (oops, sorry), but due to having to miss a week due to illness, I’ve been playing catch up! Tonsillitis…. Need I say more?!

Anyway, I thought as I’m onto the last 4 weeks now, a catch up and an update is definitely needed! And to be honest, the last few weeks have been difficult! I got tonsillitis, so I was off the gym for a week, and when I eventually went back, I lacked motivation and energy to continue. It’s not all plain sailing where week after week you do you’re planned workouts and that’s that. Unfortunately, you can get ill, or lack the drive and determination to carry on, that’s life! But this is where you have to think why you started and what you can potentially achieve! Just get back at it and do what you do best… Worrrrk it! Haaaa, cringey, but true!

So with a couple of weeks of either not working out at all, or just doing a light bit of cardio, and even eating like a pig (sometimes necessary), I have finally reached the last 4 weeks! And surprisingly, after looking at my progress photos (definite form of motivation), I can still see results!


Week 16 to Week 20 – small changes, but feeling good!

If you are doing the programme, and thinking of stopping… don’t! Reach the end, and no doubt you will feel amazing for it! I’m still really enjoying it, apart from my little blip (we are only human), and it’s getting super challenging now… my arms, core and legs still ache after each session. I don’t even attempt to put eyeliner on after an arm session… I may look a bit of a clown!

But like I said, even after 20 weeks of doing it, it’s still not boring and it’s still extremely challenging. The longer you do it, the easier it gets, right? Nope. Well, as long as you push as hard you can, it definitely won’t! I still have days where I am struggling to walk and go about everyday life without being in any form of pain!

So, once again, (and this time I promise) I will give you an update in 4 weeks time… when week 24 is complete!! Eeeek! Wish me luck!

Have you completed the guide?

 Are you still carrying on with it?

 Let me know your thoughts and opinions… I’d love to hear them!


Lyds x


2 thoughts on “BBG 2 – An Update!

  1. Good job!! Being sick definitely sucks and that happened to me during my pre-bbg period but luckily I kept going and being sick doesn’t happen as often as I used to!! You look great!! I am almost done with week 5 and I must say it’s kicking my ass 😛

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