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Exercise – 6 tips to stay motivated!

Exercise. Whether you love it or hate it, keeping motivated can be a struggle. Here are my top tips I use to stay on track…

1 – Buy a diary – every Sunday, before the working week begins, I write down what workouts I will do each day and note down my rest days. I also like to tick them off when they are done! There’s nothing better than a tick list; it provides a sense of achievement when they are marked completed – or is this just me?! With a diary, you can overview the whole week ahead, so if something was to come up unexpectedly, you can always adjust your plan to fit your workouts in. Planning is essential for me in order to stay motivated.

No plan = more excuses to not work out = lack of motivation.

2 – Set short-term goals – as much as long-term goals are good and motivational, (I certainly don’t discourage you to do this), but if your goals are focused too far ahead, they can seem less achievable. Whether you set weekly or monthly aims, this means you have something to stick to, which in turn gives you the motivation to stay on track of your bigger, long-term goals. It doesn’t matter what these are. It can be anything from working out 3 times a week, lifting heavier weights, or running a 5k…

Goals = Motivation.

3 – Be realistic with your goals – there’s nothing more discouraging than not reaching your targets, which in reality, were never achievable in the first place. For example, setting a goal to look like a particular person is the WORST idea, yet so many people do it… ‘#goals’. I’m even guilty of it! But in reality, we are all individual, and aiming to get the ‘perfect’ body is not realistic. Let’s face it; they’ll always be something you want to change. We need to learn to love our bodies. I’ll delve into this later on…

4 – Buy new gym gear – I don’t know about you but I’m more likely to want to work out if I have some new workout clothes! It’s the same as buying yourself a new dress or outfit and wanting to wear it at the first opportunity you can. Feeling good in what you’re wearing will keep you hitting the gym… it does for me!


5 – Think about the reason you started. Picture this. Your alarm is going off at an ungodly hour in the morning for you to get to the gym before work, but all you want to do is hit the ‘snooze’ button. This is the point where you either get up and go, or slide under the duvet and ignore the wake up call. It’s at this point where you need to think of the reason why you started and what you want to achieve. Skipping your workout is ok every so often, but if it becomes a regular thing, then you need to look back at why your started and the goals you want to achieve. It may make you think twice before hitting ‘snooze’. Think of the cliché saying… “you never regret a workout.”


6 – Pinterest / Instagram – If images of fit, strong and healthy bodies doesn’t make you want to get off you’re bum and work out, then I don’t know what will! Pinterest is great for this! Plus you can find all sorts of workouts on there to help mix up your training if you are getting bored of your routine. Check it out!

However, as much as seeing images of ‘dream’ bodies glaring back at you can be motivating, it is important not to set too much focus on setting ‘aesthetically pleasing’ goals. There is too much pressure on girls (and guys) to look a certain way. We can’t all have bodies like supermodels! Yes, it may be motivating seeing pictures of them, but it’s not realistic. We need to remember that we are not them, and it is not our job to look that good all the time! Working out should be an individual journey you enjoy, and motivation should come from reaching our own goals and pushing our bodies to reach our own results. Not to look like someone else. So yes, seeking inspiration and motivation from others can and will help… but we need to keep at the back of our minds that we are not all the same, and we need to embrace and respect our bodies for what it can do and achieve.


I hope this has given you some tips or ideas!

What do you do to stay on track?


Lyds x


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