December Goals

So it’s  coming towards the end of November and I’ve decided that instead of waiting for New Year to make resolutions I probably won’t stick to (how many people do?!), I’m going to set myself 2 or 3 monthly goals that are possible. They can range from fitness goals to self-development… literally anything I want. I challenge you to do the same… small goals are much easier to stick to, and you don’t have to keep them up once the month ends! It gives you a reason to try something you’ve been putting off… who knows, it could be something you end up sticking with for life. So let’s jump right in with my 3 goals for the next month…

Goal 1 – Read More

When I was younger I was an avid reader, and would spend so much of my free time reading. I guess once I got older and had uni work, a full-time job or just general hobbies/socialising, reading was put on the back burner. But for some reason, (I don’t know why), when it comes to summer holidays I can’t wait to find a great book to get stuck into and I end up loving it and want to read more, yet I never do. Does this happen to you?!

So I’ve decided to give myself half an hour or so a day, before I go to bed to do some reading. It’s such a good way to unwind and relax, and if you have a great book, there’s nothing more I’d want to be doing! Let’s be honest, half an hour a day isn’t exactly a lot, but the world of Social Media is usually my bedtime read, which isn’t exactly the best thing!

This moves onto my second ‘goal’ of the month…

Goal 2 – Social Media Detox

Now let’s not get carried away here. By ‘social media detox’ I mean stay offline for one day a week. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, anything! I find myself aimlessly scrolling down the same pages for no reason, and then 5 minutes later doing the same thing. Does anyone else do this?! It’s so pointless and such a waste of time when you could be doing much more productive.

But nowadays, everything revolves around Social Media. Everywhere you go you’ll see people glued to their phones and not taking in what’s around them and not socialising with the people they are with. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great thing, but it’s also important not to get engulfed into a world that isn’t real.

So I’m going to have a ‘Social Media Detox’ one day a week… who’s with me??

Goal 3 – Eat less sugar

Now this last goal is something I’ve being trying to do over the past few months. But I want to step my game up, not just for this month but for the long haul.

I have such a sweet tooth. I can eat so much chocolate, biscuits, granola (bag fulls) and cake without batting an eye. And I always crave something sweet after my meal. With this in mind, I’ve recently changed what I take to work as snacks. Swap the sugary ‘health’ bars to alternatives high in protein or fat. For example, my go-to afternoon snack is now two Kallo rice cakes with cottage cheese as the topping. Low in calories, a decent amount of protein and it’s super filling and stops me craving something sweet! Result! I also bring in a handful of nuts as my mid-morning snack, as these help keep the sugar cravings at bay. Honestly, it does work…

I’ve noticed I can be super good in the day, but pretty terrible in the evening. I eat my dinner, which is usually healthy, but I always want the sugar ‘fix’ and I won’t stop thinking about it until I’ve eaten something! I usually cave into the trusty granola that is hiding in the cupboard. But I don’t have a normal serving size; it’s usually two huge bowls. Ooops.

So this last goal is to improve my self-control when it comes to sugary snacks. Let’s face it… that’s all it boils down to!

Do you have any tips to help keep the cravings at bay? Or do you have any  alternative snack ideas? I’d love to know them!

So these are my three November/December goals. I think it’s a great way to help you achieve your goals, instead of writing down an overwhelmingly long list you think you can’t achieve. Get ahead of the ‘New Year, New Me’ and start now!

I’d love to know what yours are… keep me updated!

Lyds x


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