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5 of my Favourite Fitness Instagrammers

We are all ‘victims’ of scrolling through Instagram, or any form of Social Media and being bombarded with amazing, fit and healthy bodies. Especially, if like me, we follow so many fitness enthusiasts! We dream of being beautifully toned, with the perfect waist to bum ratio! But in reality, being fit and healthy is not just how we look aesthetically. We should be embracing our own bodies for what they are and what we can achieve both physically and mentally. So with this in mind, and with the fitness and health lifestyle booming, I’ve teamed up with to come up with our top 5 fitness instagrammers.

1- Zanna Van Dijik

Blogger, YouTuber, Personal Trainer, Author, Business Woman, co-founder of the ‘Girl Gains’, the list goes on! Zanna is all about living the balanced lifestyle and educating women to become fitter, happier and healthier the right way – no fad diets or tea ‘detoxes’. She is personally a massive inspiration, and if for some reason you haven’t heard of her, go check her out! 

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Feeling Thankful 🙌🏼 Happy Thanksgiving! Even though it is an American holiday I still want to take a moment to encourage YOU to be thankful. Step back, reflect and note down three things you're grateful for today 😚 Mine are: 1️⃣ My squad 😜 I have the most incredible friends, family and boyfriend who encourage and empower me. 2️⃣ My career. I wake up every day excited for what is to come. I work hard, but I love every second of it and I wouldn't change it for the world. 3️⃣My health. I am so lucky to be in good health, and have the ability to get fitter and stronger through training and good nutrition. My broken hand is minuscule in comparison to what others deal with. 🤗 P.s. This photo is from my book STRONG! The link to it is on my profile 💕 #strongzvd #girlgains

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2 – Hannah Bronfman

DJ, model, founder of (the destination for all things health, beauty and fitness), a business woman, you name it she’s probably done it! She brings us on a journey to be the best version of ourselves; physically, emotionally and mentally. Super cool, super fit and super stylish. What’s not to love?!

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3 – Clean Eating Alice

Now you’ve probably already seen her on the current cover of Women’s Health (goals), but Alice Liveing’s fitness and health story is incredible. Her page is consistently full of healthy, nutritious, mouth-watering foods and she also posts regular fitness videos for that extra kick of gym motivation. As well as being super cute, in my opinion she is a major credit in the fitness and health industry.

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4 – Adrienne Herbert

First of all, her hair is amazing! Adrienne is a former professional dancer, fitness instructor and runs her own health, fitness and wellness blog. She also shows how it is possible to be strong and look amazing even when you are a mum! Her blog,  is full of tips and motivation, so really there’s no excuse to not work out!

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5 – The Fashion Fitness Foodie

Lucy Mountain is a fashion, fitness and food blogger and YouTuber. Her blog, provides fresh inspiration ranging from gym motivation, to stylish activewear and delicious looking recipes! It is a hub for all things fitness, fashion and food! If you want some new gym outfit inspirations, then look no further!

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What do you think? Do you agree?

Who are your top Fitness Instagrammers?

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Lyds x

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