What’s in my Bag?

So, for today’s post, I need to begin with a reality check. Yes, my bag can also contain loose change, receipts some form of snack and food crumbs, but for the purpose of this post, I thought I’d leave these parts out… I’m usually pretty good with not having useless items thrown in there. I tend to empty my bag before each use and make sure I have what I need for the day (most of the time).

Karen Millen Handbag

So let’s begin with the bag itself. My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and oh-my-god it’s beautiful! I love it and it’s my go to bag for weekends and day trips, or if I want a bit more of a ‘dressy’ bag. It is the perfect size for everyday bits and bobs and it can dress up any outfit! You can get a lot more in than you think.



Quite a large purse, but I do use all the space up. As well as the obvious cash, coins and cards, there tends to be receipts (if I have not just thrown them in the bag itself), notes I have scribbled down and endless amount of old train tickets, which I do really need to throw away!


I always have to keep my diary on me… it makes me feel more organised! I’ve only ever used a diary for the past year. I never saw the use in them before, but now it is a necessity. I love being more organised and writing everything down… does that make me sound geeky?! It also has a general notes section in case I need to write any ideas, notes or important information down which means I don’t have to carry a separate notebook, (although I do actually want a handbag sized one) – organisation Queen coming out here!


Gloves & Keys

It’s January, it’s cold and I hate having cold hands! Handbag essential!


I need it in my life, always.



After travelling around a lot recently, these Jaybird earphones are definitely needed for these long journeys. I also use them for the gym, and as they are wireless they are perfect for this! Plus it comes with a super handy case so they won’t get tangled! The white and gold design makes them super chic and stylish too…




Victor and Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’- the perfect mini bottle to keep in bag. This is a personal favourite of mine!


Small Makeup Bag

How cute is this?! It’s from Anthropologie and I love it. I love personalised/ initials on items and this is also the perfect sized handbag makeup bag! It fits in all my makeup/ random essentials instead of having them thrown in my bag and having to rummage around for them! Here’s what I keep in here:

Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream – dry lips, no problem! I need some form of lip balm on me at all times, although I’m pretty sure I have some Vaseline thrown in my bag somewhere too… But Elizabeth Arden is my current favourite.

Clarins Eclat Minute – basically a posh lip balm with a pinky glossy tint. I love it, so it’s always with me.

Illamasqua Lipstick – there seems to be a lip trend here? The lipstick changes regularly depending on my mood or what I’m wearing. But it’s usually some form of nude colour. I’m not very daring in this department!

Bareminerals concealer – Perfect if you require any touch ups in the day. This is my favourite concealer as it’s creamy, great coverage and blends like a dream!

Sigma Foundation brush – I use this to ‘perfect’ my makeup base if I need to. Also comes in handy for the concealer.

Invisibobble, comb and hair grips – Potential hair disasters sorted. Life essential really.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

What are your handbag essentials you can’t leave the house without?

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Lyds x


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