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My First Q&A: Elle Darby

So today’s post is a very exciting!

As you can see from the title, Elle Darby has kindly answered a few questions for my first Q&A blog post! Now if you don’t know who Elle is, where have you been hiding?

Elle is a fitness YouTuber who also runs her own business of personal training and online coaching. She has recently announced the exciting news that she has become a Gymshark Affiliate! Seriously, huge congrats here! I first came across Elle’s channel about 5 months ago and I’m seriously addicted to her videos! She is hilarious, a total babe, and most of all REAL. She doesn’t ‘sugar coat’ her life in Social Media and the challenges she has faced. She is the definition of ‘working hard and achieving your dreams’. If you want to learn more about her, YouTube, Bikini Competitions, or general motivation then read on…





1) When and why did you get into fitness?

When I went to uni in September 2014, I was adamant to take control of my life and be independent – my health being a major part of this because my family had never known much about nutrition or exercise so I’d always had a very negative relationship with my body and food. I’d always felt like the ‘fat friend’ and always felt like I was in a never-ending cycle of a ‘diet’. My boyfriend was also massively into the fitness industry and at that time YouTube was ONLY just becoming a ‘thing’, so when he found Christian Guzman, I subsequently found Nikki B, and my knowledge and passion grew from there!

2) What would you say is the biggest challenge in competition prep?

Feeling like you don’t have a social life whatsoever. I remember feeling like my life on prep was totally black and white, and it was only when I’d done my competition would my life be filled with colour again. Every day is a struggle of some sort.

3) What would you consider to be the key points to take into account if you are thinking of entering a bikini competition?

You MUST be doing it for you, and absolutely nobody else, because there will be some really tough days that’ll knock you sideways unless  you have a really strong reason for doing it. It’s also very expensive when you add up coaching, your bikini and shoes, posing lessons, the cost for the show/hotel etc, so make sure it’s in your budget. My final point would be to try and have someone around you who understands your passion for fitness and reasons for doing it so they can help keep you accountable: the amount of times Connor & I saved each other from bailing is countless, and it’s made our relationship so much stronger.

4) How do you stay motivated to work-out?

The fact that I’m not where I want to be yet keeps me motivated. Being proud but never satisfied is something that sits very close to my heart. It’s hard to say how I stay motivated because it’s just become my life – I don’t see this as a diet, or an 8 week transformation, this is my lifestyle, and I love it.

5) What made you decide to do YouTube fitness channel?

I was doing vlogs/beauty videos already and when my life naturally started to follow the fitness path I decided to take my viewers along the ride with me. Never in my life did I think it could amount to what it has!

6) Who are your top 3 fitness YouTubers?

Nikki B, Jazmine Garcia & Sarah’s Day. All gorgeous girls for so many reasons.

7) What are your top tips in starting a fitness YouTube channel?

Honestly… you just have to do it. Get a camera, get an editor, get inspired, start filming. Every single successful YouTuber was a beginner once, and we’ve all uploaded that first video that gets about 100 views (either from your mum and her mates or people at school who are nosy and want to judge you). Good things take time so you must have patience. Your channel won’t seriously start taking off for a while after you’ve started, so staying persistent is important. I received a lot of hate from people who I thought would always encourage and support me but, just like anything in life, it teaches you who is truly worth your time. You must be prepared to have thick skin because viewers can be brutal but as long as you’re putting positivity and decent content out there, then it’s totally their problem and not yours. You honestly have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

8) What is your favourite sportswear brand?

Gymshark – 100%. Not only do I love their clothes but I love what they stand for, and seeing their growth over the past couple of years has been truly inspiring.

9) Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to your YouTube channel/ business?

Is it bad to say myself? To know I’m the only person that’s built it to where it is now, amongst all the hate, all the negativity, all the embarrassed people I went to school with, all the hours, all the hard work… I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved. I feel like my channel is my little project that I’ve grown very attached to. I’m so excited to see what’s in store.

10) I know you are into beauty and makeup… what is the makeup product you cannot live without?

MUA brighten & conceal kit! Seriously – wow.

11) What is the biggest tip you can give someone to be more ‘body confident’?

You have this one body for the rest of your life. Are you seriously going to spend the rest of your days hating it, or are you going to put yourself to the challenge and learn to love it?

12)  Finally, when can you reveal what your secret project is for?!

Not until the summer which feels like AGES away but it’ll come soon enough

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and getting to know Elle a little better… I know I have!

Go check Elle’s YouTube out here.

So this is my first Q&A with my favourite YouTubers/Bloggers… keep your eyes peeled for more in the future!

Do you have any fitness YouTubers/ Bloggers who you love?! Let me know, I’m always searching for more!


Lyds x

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