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Q&A: Emtalks

So another exciting edition to add to my ‘Q&A’ section of my blog… this is with the fabulous Em Sheldon a.k.a ‘Emtalks’. She has been nominated and won countless awards such as the winner of Cosmo Blog Awards Newcomer and most recently InStyle Magazine Top Lifestyle & Travel… I mean, how cool is that?! Definite goals right there!


Em’s blog and YouTube range from everything fitness to beauty to open and honest chats. I’ve always loved her blog and she is one of the first bloggers I ever started following and seeing how successful she has become is so inspiring! I’m literally over the moon (and still in shock) she answered my questions for this feature. So if you haven’t heard of her (I think 99.9% of you will have) make sure you go follow her here:

She is full of great tips for the gym, travel, beauty and general life!

So let’s crack on with the juicy bit… the Q & A!

1) Why did you start your blog? Was there anyone or anything at the time which give you the inspiration?

I started my blog to get into university originally, but then realised I was so passionate about everything I was writing about. At the time, no inspiration existed! I didnt even really know what a blog was.

2) What is your favourite blogging topic to write about?

I love writing personal posts and travel posts!

3) Who is your biggest inspirational blogger and why?

I absolutely adore Tash Oakley, she’s made such a brilliant and vibrant brand for herself but still seems like a humble, lovely and down to earth person.

4) What has been the best expereince you’ve had through blogging?

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing experiences, for me though it’s about the incredible friends I’ve made through blogging! I once got to take my mum to watch Beyonce which was a once in a lifetime thing.

5) What is your top advice you can give to new bloggers like myself, or to anyone wishing to start a blog?

You are your niche, there is room for everyone on the internet, so please, do it! Keep writing, your audience will come.

6) As you have travelled a lot, do you have a favourite place you have been to?

Everywhere I’ve been has been so different: I love the Maldives because it’s so idyllic and I doubt there’s anywhere like that on Earth! I love Barcelona for the food and the culture, I love Vietnam because it’s just so different!

7) What are your favourite brunch spot in Leeds/London? (This is just for me as I LOVE brunch)

I love Leeds and London, both do great brunch!

In Leeds it has to be Angelica without a doubt, the fanciest place in leeds with the most incredible views and amazing chefs.

In London, I love Granger & Co and Farm Girl!

8) What advice would you give to your younger self, from what you have learnt through blogging?

Bite my tongue – I’m very quick to act and sometimes it’s best to take a step back, then deal with the situation!

9) What is your favourite type of fitness exercise/activity and do you have a favourite body part to train?

I love training glutes and I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite, but spinning it something that really works I find and it works me hard enough too. I really enjoy swimming!

10) Who are your top 3 fitness bloggers and/or YouTubers?

I don’t really follow many fitness bloggers, I more follow body inspo accounts on Instagram. My favourite fitness blogger has to be my friend, Carly Rowena. She is beautiful inside and out and her mantras are the same as me when it comes to balance and life.

11) Do you have any fitness goals for the year? If so what are they?

I just want to be healthy and strong but I’m putting sleep and my wellbeing first over having an aesthetically pleasing body.

12) What is your top tip to feel body confident?

Work out! You never regret going to the gym.

I hope you enjoyed this second edition to my Q&A… I definitely did!

Who are you favourite fitness bloggers/inspo accounts on Instagram? I’d love to check them out!


Lyds x

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