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Top Healthy Snacks for Work

If you’re like me and work in a 9-5 office job, where there is always an abundance of sweet treats, due to it being someone’s birthday almost every day, or just people bringing in biscuits and chocolate to help get through to the 5pm finish. This is a nightmare for people who are trying to eat healthy, or just simply trying to cut down on sugary treats. Does this sound familiar? Here are my top healthy snacks you can easily take to work to help you resist the temptations of the office treats…

  1. Fruit. Simple. I love snacking on fruit, such as bananas, blueberries and apples. They are simple, easy and relatively cheap. Try snacking on a piece of fruit. Lower in calories, and full of nutrients. They are great teamed with a small handful of nuts to keep you fuller for longer. This leads me onto my next favourite snack…img_2727
  2. Nuts. Almonds and cashews are my favourite. They keep me full and are a great source of protein and fibre! They are easy to carry to work, and one of my favourite go-to-snacks. However, nuts are quite calorie dense, so be careful in your portion size! If you are trying to watch your calorie intake for whatever reason, make sure you are aware with how much you are eating. I know how easy it is to eat a whole bag of nuts without even thinking about it. I tend to only bring what I’m going to eat that day to avoid the temptation of mindlessly snacking.img_4354
  3. Rice Cakes. I love having these. This is my go-to 4pm snack.  Two rice cakes, topped with cottage cheese and I’m full until dinner! Cottage cheese isn’t for everyone but it’s so good for you and high in protein making it a snack that is sure to fill you up for a good few hours. Another favourite rice cake topping of mine has to be peanut butter (also with sliced banana). YUM.img_4353
  4. Healthy ‘crisps’. If you are someone who loves to eat a bag of crisps each day, try to pick a healthy alternative. For example, I am loving these Pea Snacks from Aldi. Extremely tasty, come in a variety of flavours, filling and a great healthy alternative to crisps! Hippeas are also amazingly nice too! Check them out here.img_4352
  5. Fibre One Chocolate Brownie Bars. These are great to satisfy your chocolate craving! Low in calories, yet tastes just like a chocolate brownie. Great on their own, but I also love them microwaved (extra gooeyness). img_4351
  6. Options Hot Chocolate. Another great snack to satisfy your chocolate craving… I prefer not to drink my calories but these are just so good! Less than 40 calories a cup and when you need something to get rid of the chocolate craving, this is perfect. I like to have a collection in my drawer at work… the salted caramel and mint hot chocolate flavour are my favourites! img_4350
  7. Homemade healthy treats. My current favourite has to be Banana Bread. I make one almost every week, and it’s great as it contains no refined sugar, and it satisfies my cake obsession. Baking in bulk is great as it means they will last you the whole week, and stops you from binging on the biscuits! I also love these chocolate and peanut butter bars, from a previous post I’ve done. Can you tell I love chocolate yet?! Get experimenting and see what healthy treats you can make! There’s tons of recipes to choose from online. I’d like to experiment more, but at the moment I’m pretty content with my banana bread!Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset 

I hope this helps!

What are your favourite snacks to take to work?


Lyds x

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