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Gymshark Ombre Seamless Leggings Review

After all the hype you see on social media about Gymshark, I thought maybe I should give them a go? So many people seem to love them. I’ve never tried Gymshark leggings before and I’d been debating for a while about getting a pair. So when I first saw the pink ombre leggings on instagram, I KNEW these bad boys were the pair to get. The colour, the ombre style, everything about them looked insane (I’m obsessed with pink, in case you didn’t know).

Now Gymhark are well known for their newest items to sell-out FAST. I’d previously fallen victim to this myself. So at 3pm, on the release date, I was on it! I ended up getting both XS and S as I had no idea what size I would be and didn’t want to order just one size and it not fit!

So let’s get into the review.

Disclaimer: I’ve worn these a fair few times now and they have been washed a number of times. This is my honest opinion.

  • Sizing/ Fit

I’m a UK 8 and both XS and S fit, but the XS was more ‘squashy’ and unflattering around the bum/ thigh area. Small was the perfect, figure hugging size without feeling compressed.

Length wise, I’m 5ft 8 and these are slightly cropped above the ankle, which for me I personally like. The only thing I would say about the sizing is that there is a slight gaping at the back when squatting, so I do sometimes have to pull them up. Not an issue, but something I have noticed.

In my opinion they are squat proof and ladies, I can confirm there is little/no camel toe situation going on!

  • Style

They aren’t ‘compression’ tights so these won’t suck you in but they are figure hugging and they create a smooth look hiding any unwanted bulges.

They are a high waist fit but not ridiculously high. On me, they sit just above my belly button.

The ombre pink colour is just gorgeous! Not seen anything like them on the market (let me know if there are more like these!!)

There is a slight bum contour, although not too dramatic!

The material also comes in at the ankles to prevent the annoying ‘baggy ankle’ tights scenario.

  • Quality

They feel very high quality, much better than what I was expecting! In my opinion, just as good as other ‘high-end’ brands out there.

They have been washed a few times now and there has been no shrinking or stretching and the colour hasn’t faded. They also feel very soft and comfortable on.

  • Value for Money

For £40 these are great value for money. As mentioned, they feel very high quality and overall I love the fit of them.

I have spent more money on other leggings and these are definitely just as good quality as leggings double their price.

Not going to lie, they have made me want to try out more of their range…

Have you tried these leggings or other Gymshark clothing?

What would you recommend? Let me know!


Lyds x


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