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How to be ‘healthy’

Eat chicken, broccoli and rice.

No sauce of course.

Maybe add a small squirt of ketchup if you’re feeling fancy?

But whatever you do, do not cook your food in olive oil or any form of fats. This is pure diet destruction. Fats are bad for you. The enemy.


Being healthy is so much more than plain chicken and rice. In reality, having an obsession with eating ‘clean’, in my opinion, is the opposite of #health.

To me, being healthy is eating everything you enjoy, including cookies and pizza, with a focus on having a positive relationship with food. You do not need to cut out certain food groups in order to be the definition of ‘health’.

Cutting out gluten (if you don’t need to) does not make you healthy. A gluten free cake will not necessarily be any healthier than a normal cake.

Cutting out fats, does not make you healthy. In fact, cooking in fats like olive oil actually has many health benefits.

Cutting out carbs does not make you healthy…

You see where I’m going here? Restriction is just as unhealthy as eating in extreme calorie surplus every day.

To me, I’m a healthy female who is a massive foodie and enjoys exercising. I eat chocolate/ biscuits nearly every day (I have a massive sweet tooth and blame my Grandma for this). I eat 3 meals a day, plus snacks. I workout 5 (ish) times a week, because I enjoy it, not because I feel I have to because I’ve eaten a slice of cake that day.

I know you hear the saying everywhere, but the key to being healthy comprises of everything in moderation; including exercise. You do not need to workout twice a day and only eat plain, boring foods.

Put it this way, I once ate 4 pizzas in one night. Your regular size pizzas, not those lil diddy ones. It was an all you can eat pizza restaurant by the way – Buca Di Pizza in Leeds – check it out! (Thank me later).

Last week, I ate a Five Guys along with 5 large cookies. Now I know this may seem extreme, but my point is I am still healthy. I didn’t force myself to workout the following day because I ‘needed’ to and I definitely didn’t cut down on what I ate the following day either. My best friend came up for the weekend and we went out for unlimited prosecco afternoon tea and ate pizza that night. Now this isn’t a regular occurrence and I don’t eat like this every weekend, but you want to be happy and enjoy your life. Live for the memories, not counting calories! Having a healthy mindset with food is just as important as being physically healthy.

I’m not saying eat all the chocolate and all the cakes if this makes you happy (I wish you could), but that you should eat nourishing, wholesome foods too. Get those greens in! You can have some chocolate every day if you want, probably not a family size bar, but a bit of chocolate every day is not going to ruin your regular, healthy meals the rest of the time. If you’ve restricted yourself in the week, you are more likely to binge eat at the weekend.

I enjoy eating healthy and making healthier choices. It makes me feel good. But I also enjoy having treats. Being healthy is about balance. It encompasses a whole range of feelings and emotions. There’s no such thing as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods. There are only good and bad relationships with food.

What I’m trying to say is, being healthy is not eating ‘clean’ 7 days a week and exercising every day. You do not need to have a six-pack and low body fat to give yourself the prestigious title of ‘healthy’.

No one is perfect.

Everyone is different.

That’s the point.

Do what makes you feel good both physically and mentally.

That’s healthy.

What are your thoughts?


Lyds x

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