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5 easy ways to make time to exercise

The most common reason I hear people say as to why they ‘can’t’ exercise (including myself), is because they don’t have time. But realistically, it shouldn’t take up a lot of your time. It’s not necessary to spend hours in a gym to have a ‘good’ workout. You don’t have to go out your way to make time. Here are my top 5 easy tips, to help make time to exercise!

  1. Diary. Probably one of the most important and useful ways to make time to exercise is to be realistic with your workout schedule. Understand what plans you already have that week and work around them. There’s nothing worse than promising yourself you’re going to hit the gym 5 times a week and failing because you already have pre-made plans/ general adult life duties such as staying late at work or a dinner date with friends and BAM, it’s Friday and you’ve exercised once. So get your diary out, figure out when is realistic and this way you are in control.
  2. Efficiency. You don’t need to be in the gym for hours to get a good workout in. HIIT and circuit based workouts are the best way to incorporate less time and maximum effort into your routine. Meaning, you can fit a 30-minute, efficient workout into your routine a few times a week, which doesn’t take much of your time. I personally find HIIT sessions extremely satisfying to complete – give them a go if your don’t already!
  3. Incorporate ‘exercise’ into your daily life. If you know you have a busy few weeks ahead and your work to life ratio is heavily work loaded, then simply try increase your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). This is simply energy we use in the day that is not exercising, sleeping or eating. Basically, move more in the day. Take the stairs, rather than the lift, use your lunch break more wisely and take a short walk, park your car further away than usual; anything that makes you move more. This is an easy way to expand more energy without really trying.
  4. Routine. It’s true when people say the more you go, the easier it gets. And when it gets easier, it will become part of your daily routine. Getting started is hard, there’ s no denying that. But when you regularly exercise, it will soon become second nature and you won’t be going back!
  5. Enjoy. Naturally, we don’t do things we don’t enjoy. So why do a form of exercise if you don’t enjoy it? After all, there’s not a one-way fits all when it comes to exercise. Try out different things, vary your routine, and don’t worry about having to be good at something straight away if it’s something you know you’re going to enjoy. The more you enjoy something, the more motivated you will be to go and then the only way is up! Move your body anyway you like – running, walking, swimming, boxing, climbing, the list goes on. Just find something you enjoy doing, and naturally you will be wanting to go…

So that’s my 5 easy ways to make more time for exercise…

What are yours?!


Lyds x


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