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Over-indulged this Easter?

So it’s the Monday after Easter Sunday and you probably ate far too much chocolate yesterday?

You’ve woken up today and feeling guilty?

Let’s stop here.

It’s perfectly ok to have eaten far too much yesterday. Even if you were past the point of being full, but finished the Easter egg anyway? Yeah, I was there too. I know I ate more than I should have, but today do I feel guilty? No. I had a great weekend with family and friends and that’s what counts.

At the end of the day, you’ve got to enjoy your healthy lifestyle. Don’t let it dictate your life. And if enjoyment comes in the form of over-indulging every so often, then so be it! See it as a way of self-care and don’t beat yourself up with guilt over it. Restriction does not work. Over-exercising does not work. You’ve got to get the balance right.

So if you’re reading this now, wishing you hadn’t eaten what you did over the weekend, do not worry about it. Forget about it.

For now, focus on the present and get back to your normal diet and routine.  Don’t restrict your food for the next few days. Don’t over-exercise the next few days. Don’t over-complicate things… Get your body moving, get something other than chocolate back in your diet and I promise you it will be fine!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter Weekend!


Lyds x

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